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Travel Challenges

Not all of the trip is fun and good experiences- sometimes it is very challenging, and from time to time it’s easy to start feeling down. So is such an ambitious journey worth it? These are my thoughts.

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the power of half
The Power of Half

Lessons learned from the Salwen family, who sold their home and donated half the proceeds to charity: things do go wrong – an abundance of negative comments – you don’t have to be Mother Teresa – democracy in decision making – and to volunteer or not to volunteer?

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Life is a Sky-Way

Bella faces her fear of flying:
We were flying to California… oh great! I guess it will be a LONG flight. Time to brave the (air) waves!

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I have to pinch myself

Realizing a dream

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Peru - new courtyard for playing and special events
Tierra y Ser – Building Schools in Peru

One of the people we met is Erica Shaffer Cuculiza, who has such a bright, energetic, and generous personality. We were very impressed with her work as Director of Tierra y Ser, a non-profit in Peru. Read about their work and see pictures of a school they built and some of the kids they have helped.

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Goals of the Trip

1)      find out how we can best help people in need around the world 2)      connect people who can help with those in need – via the web and by partnering with other organizations 3)      help people learn about global issues such as poverty, hunger, lack of education, disease, etc by sharing pictures, videos and […]

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Setting up the Non-Profit

I am about to board a plane from San Francisco to Boston to go home after visiting Doug for the weekend.  Doug and I wrote up the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for Change a Life; Change Your World last night.  I feel SO FORTUNATE that this is all starting to come together!  We are […]

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Making Room in My Life for a New Adventure – not an easy thing to do

Leaving My Job It’s early January, and I’ve spent most of the last couple of weeks touching base with AIA donors and Trustees, letting them know I am leaving, but that I still care very much about the AIA and will do all I can to help it continue its success.  Someday, I would like […]

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Quest to Help Others and Learn About the World – the Adenture Begins

Leaving the Job I Love December 23, 2009.  Today I begin my blog.  Today is the day I told the President of the Board that I am leaving our organization.  I am the Executive Director of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Publisher of Archaeology magazine.  I tried to tell him once before, but […]

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