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Meagan arrives
Welcome Meagan!

Meagan has arrived! We are so happy to have her here and excited that she has already begun her round the world trip with her journey from Salt Lake City, UT to our house near Boston, MA.

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Lowell Sun Article 7/18/10

We also had two articles published in local papers this weekend – though they got some facts wrong. 100% of all gifts go to the projects themselves – not our own travel to volunteer.

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Going Away Party

We had so much fun with friends at our going away party on Saturday!

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Life is a Sky-Way

Bella faces her fear of flying:
We were flying to California… oh great! I guess it will be a LONG flight. Time to brave the (air) waves!

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children nursery school
A view into poverty in Peru – visiting a nursery school and village

This was Teresa’s first visit to such a poor village. Families live in make shift structures and grass huts, especially since many homes were detroyed in the earthquake in 2007. Read about daily life in the shanty town, meet Corinna, a pillar of the community who shows off her garden for us and even hear about small business in the area – an ice cream man and cola for sale.

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Lessons learned in Peru: the rest of the world is not backpacking

When I was packing fro Peru, I thought that I would wear my Keen hiking/walking/water shoes most days.  It turns out that it isn’t very practical to wear them if I want to fit in with the locals.  I brought another pair of shoes (still fairly practical for walking) for times when I needed to […]

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Heading to Peru for a "test trip"

As I teetered under the weight of the unfamiliar backpack at 4 am this morning, Jennifer laughed and said, “Well, it was your idea to backpack around the world!” Today begins a test trip to Peru.

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New itinerary and information on our projects!

Well, we have final sat down and ruthlessly cut out many countries and a couple of projects from our itinerary.  Some went because of cost, some because of political situations that made either travel or volunteering very difficult. Our projects page has also been updated with new information. A few of our projects are all […]

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Advance Scout

The advance scout departs !!

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I have to pinch myself

Realizing a dream

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