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Travel Challenges

Not all of the trip is fun and good experiences- sometimes it is very challenging, and from time to time it’s easy to start feeling down. So is such an ambitious journey worth it? These are my thoughts.

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the power of half
The Power of Half

Lessons learned from the Salwen family, who sold their home and donated half the proceeds to charity: things do go wrong – an abundance of negative comments – you don’t have to be Mother Teresa – democracy in decision making – and to volunteer or not to volunteer?

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On Our Way To Russia

OK… post… no problem… alright I admit it I’m stuck on a plane on my way to Russia, no way out now. It’s cool though I’m not flippin’ out or anything… sort of.  There’s some sort of movie playing but it looks crappy, and it’s probably in another language. Yup, yup, yup I was so […]

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breakfast in Moscow hostel1
Welcome to Russia

After a 10 hour flight, a chaotic layover in the Ukraine, and another hour and a half flight, we finally made it to Moscow I’m confused as to what day and time it is.  I’m told it’s Tuesday, August 3rd and I just heard the church bells next to our hostel ring 10 times, so […]

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packing Teresa with backpack and too much stuff1
Packing for departure

So much has happened in the last week.  We moved out of our house – most of our things sold, but some put in storage for when we return.  We kept what we could fit in our backpacks…well, in the rush of everything, we kept more than could fit in our backpacks and then spent […]

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horses in TImes Square1
A day in New York City and traveling round the world (on a whim?)

We had a great time in New York City.  I have been there many times for business as well as some family trips, but this time it had a whole different feel.  It felt more like being there as tourists, and we enjoyed spending the time together exploring the city in a different way.  We […]

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a day in NYC1
Exploring New York City and dinner at Planet Hollywood

We had a great time in NYC. Alex explored snacks for his blog – “dirty water hotdogs” and roasted nuts from street vendors. We replaced many of Bella’s travel clothes that she had set neatly aside in a bin that was mistaken for one going into storage.  Think of the nice travel shorts, etc she […]

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Booking Hostels

Time is quickly running out before we depart for Russia.  The days, hectic and not nearly long enough, seem to all blend together.  We’ve been so busy lately, but it seems like there’s still so much to do!  One of my tasks has been to look up hostels and book them online. It seems simple […]

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What I Can Carry On My Back
What I Can Carry On My Back

You would think that going around the world for an entire year would require quite a packing list.  After all, a year is a long time! But for our trip, we’ve narrowed it down to what I consider to be the bare essentials. I like clothes.  I like changing my outfit several times a day […]

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Meg and Mom
And So It Begins

My trip finally began!  I left my home, family, and friends behind Monday night to come stay with Teresa and her family and help get things moving.  Saying goodbye to everyone was incredibly hard.  I can’t believe how much I already miss everybody at home!  But it will get easier, and I’ll be back before […]

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