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10 Great Wall of China facts

10 Great Wall of China facts Parts of the wall are up to 25.6 ft high and as wide as 16.4 ft. Building materials used were stone, brick, tiles, lime, rammed earth and wood The Great wall has suffered damage ranging from Bricks being taking for houses, graffiti , vandalism and parts of the wall […]

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Window of the world

Window of the World is a Chinese theme park that features replicas of famous world attractions like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the grand canyon, and much more! Alex reviews our trip to the park.

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We Need To Get Out More…

US vs Everyone else… the essay How many of you have ever traveled abroad?  Chances are that if you are American you have never been anywhere but stateside, and most likely never will be.  As a matter of fact, only 15-25% (depending on who you ask) of Americans even own a passport!  Comparatively, 60-70% of […]

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bungee jump
Bungee Jump >:)

Ever wonder what bungee jumping is like? I did too. Here’s my experience. Read it and weep :P

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New Zealand – where else can you volunteer, hike a glacier and go black water rafting?

Wanna hike a glacier, drop 134 meters on a bungee cord – how about heli-skiing or black water rafting – New Zealand has it all, plus volunteer opportunities galore!

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War Crimes and Gutter Balls

A day of touring around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There’s so much to see and do here- including bowling!

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Motorbikes in Cambodia

A short post on one of our most recent adventures: learning to ride motorbikes in Cambodia!

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50 Things To Do Before I Die

I’m 18. And I’ve already been places, seen things, and had experiences that most people only dream about! What’s next?

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Glitter CAN Cause Civic Unrest

Have any of you ever gone to a hotel in India? If you have, it was fine, right? You check in, and go up to your room. Well, have I got a story to tell. We wanted to stay somewhere else in India besides the LAFTI Headquarters. So we went to the nearest city. We […]

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Bella water sking post
Top Ten Water Skiing ‘Do Not’s’

WATER SKIING!!!! Who wants to know how many times I fell?! It’s pretty funny, let me tell you!!

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Bella water sking post

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