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Belize Che Chem Ha Waterfall121
Video – Che Chem Ha Cave and Waterfall in Belize

Our teens from the US continue their adventure in Belize by touring Che Chem HaCave and waterfall.

Tomorrow we start brainstorming our service learning project with our Belizean partners – nine teens from the local area.

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Visiting Che Chem Ha Waterfall & Cave – awsome sites in Belize

a site worth visiting if you are ever in Cayo, Belize. Beautiful and powerful waterfall, cool birds, animal and plant life, and a Maya cave with artifacts estimated to be about 2,000 year old and a ceremonial chamber

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Video – teens at Maya Sites Xunantunich & Cahal Pech

Teens visiting Belize to excavate a Maya pyramid take the weekend to see some spectacular Maya ruins including Xunantunich.

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Belizean countryside
Video – US teens arrive in Belize to work with local teens & excavate Maya pyramid

Teens from all over the country arrive in Belize. They will team up with 9 Belizean students to excavate a royal Maya tomb and do community service projects in the US and Belize. They choose and manage the projects themselves. Teen power!!

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Belize archaeology - 0031

The Round the World trip has taken the RTW travelers and occasionally me to some very exciting and interesting places.  But probably one of the most exciting was the archaeological excavation that was done in parallel with the Succotz School project in Belize. Teresa has already posted below on the RTWwithus website about the school […]

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Belize Succotz School 24
Building a school roof in Belize (and having a blast!)

How can you put a new roof on a school, integrate technology with laptops and wireless, create a library and conduct a cultural exchange for very little money? Great partnerships and community involvement! Find out what students in NC and Belize did to make their world a better place.

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10 Great Wall of China facts

10 Great Wall of China facts Parts of the wall are up to 25.6 ft high and as wide as 16.4 ft. Building materials used were stone, brick, tiles, lime, rammed earth and wood The Great wall has suffered damage ranging from Bricks being taking for houses, graffiti , vandalism and parts of the wall […]

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Unexpected Discovery in Angkor Wat

After being woken up at 4:30, Jennifer groggily and somewhat reluctantly visits Angkor Wat at sunrise- and finds unexpected spiritual enlightenment.

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Were the Egyptians the only ones who build great pyramids? Did aliens help with the construction? How many years did Egyptians build pyramids (it’s not as many as you might think!) Uncover the answers and other fun facts in this guest post by Doug Tilden.

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Pompeii - 027
Pompeii: A Life-Changing Experience

I never expected Pompeii to have much of an impression on me- I could not have been more mistaken. The city connected me to the past in a way I have never experienced before. It is one of the greatest things I have seen in my life.

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