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I’m Jennifer, and I just graduated from Groton-Dunstable Regional High School. I love learning (although I’m often not that crazy about going to school) and am especially interested in English, history, art, and foreign language. I am thrilled to be able to take this trip around the world even if it means starting college a year later than all of my friends; it’s worth postponing college by a year to be able to see so much and help so many people.

Of course, there are people who are hard to leave behind. But I’m looking forward to our adventure. I’m reassuring myself that the people I love will still be there for me when I get back, and am getting ready to experience things that are brand new to me.

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Jennifer's Blog

Meeting Our Sponsored Child- And Why Sponsoring is Worth It!

Different than I Expected My introduction to the inner workings of Children International was not what I was expecting. Before we arrived in Calcutta to begin working with the organization, I found out that CI has community centers all over India that handle the tasks associated with caring for sponsored children. These centers run health […]

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Travel Challenges

Not all of the trip is fun and good experiences- sometimes it is very challenging, and from time to time it’s easy to start feeling down. So is such an ambitious journey worth it? These are my thoughts.

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Security Guard by Night, Environmental Watchdog by Day

Even the people in the village, who have next to nothing, give all they can to help others. We speak with Danlewis, a village security guard who also runs an environmental conservation group to protect the local Tiva River.

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Lessons Learned in Home Care

What happens after to your hand-me-downs after you toss them into one of those parking lot donation bins? I unexpectedly find the answer, and am overwhelmed by the power of generosity as I sort through the village’s donation storage.

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Preparing for Life at Nyumbani Village in Kenya

We were starting to get a little nervous about our stay in Kenya. What would we eat? Would there be enough water? Was there electricity? We finally got some answers. Also, some information about the well we are funding there.

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Egypt Purple Pete
Purple Pete Says Hello

Do you suffer from stage fright? I become a character in a puppet show with about 30 seconds of preparation.

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Pompeii - 027
Pompeii: A Life-Changing Experience

I never expected Pompeii to have much of an impression on me- I could not have been more mistaken. The city connected me to the past in a way I have never experienced before. It is one of the greatest things I have seen in my life.

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Exploring World Issues Through Games

How do you teach children about the economic, political, environmental, and human rights issues surrounding the oil industry? Turn it all into a game, of course! The merits of using games to teach hard subjects.

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What’s for lunch/breakfast/dinner? Pizza.

Italy is a country breathtaking variety- but from our experience, not so much in the food department.

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germany 086
The First Rule of Travel: Go for it!

Discovering new places, and new types of places Bonn, Germany was a beautiful little city, and I only wish I had been able to explore more of it. Unfortunately administrative work had completely caught up with us at that point and we couldn’t waste the perfect internet that the hotel provided. I saw enough of […]

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