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I’m Jennifer, and I just graduated from Groton-Dunstable Regional High School. I love learning (although I’m often not that crazy about going to school) and am especially interested in English, history, art, and foreign language. I am thrilled to be able to take this trip around the world even if it means starting college a year later than all of my friends; it’s worth postponing college by a year to be able to see so much and help so many people.

Of course, there are people who are hard to leave behind. But I’m looking forward to our adventure. I’m reassuring myself that the people I love will still be there for me when I get back, and am getting ready to experience things that are brand new to me.

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Jennifer's Blog

Fourth Quito Podcast from Jennifer and Meagan!

Meagan and Jennifer talk about their experience as ESL teachers in Quito, Ecuador. In this podcast they detail their lesson plans, what their classes were like, and how they felt about their teaching experience overall.

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Third Quito Podcast from Jennifer and Meagan!

Meagan and Jennifer talk about the tourist spots they have visited while volunteering with Children International in Quito, Ecuador!

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Second Quito Podcast from Jennifer and Meagan!

Jennifer and Meagan talk about our their day of ESL teaching! Lots of children, songs, and exhaustion.

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First Podcast from Quito with Meagan and Jennifer!

Meagan and I are currently in Quito, Ecuador and volunteering with Children International! Check out our podcast: we talk about our arrival, the culture, and our future plans while we’re here!

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We are the Bloganthropy Blog of the Month!

During our travel, we have connected with many other travel bloggers online and learned amazing things about both travel and how social media can inspire people to change the world around them. As we travel, volunteer, and blog about our experiences, we hope to give something back to the community that has welcomed us, as […]

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Completed Projects in Cambodia and Laos!

Thanks to your support, we have recently completed two projects in Southeast Asia! We have photos to share of both the new reading room in Laos and the new Ian Tilden School in Cambodia. Both projects are making huge changes for the better when it comes to the education of local children.

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Thank You for Your Support in India!

Thanks to your support, our project to build houses and give land to Dalit people and to help fund the health education program for sponsored children in Calcutta. We have several posts and videos about theses projects that we hope you’ll enjoy!

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Our Motorbike Trip to Hue (or Bust!)

With two hours of motorbike experience, will two 18-year-olds make the ten hour trip to Hue and back in two days? They encounter rain, mountains, terrible maps, and much more on the way!

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$100,000 Goal Reached! New Goal Set!

Thanks to you, we have reached our fundraising goal of $100,000! We have set a new goal of $150,000 as well as added to existing projects and are planning to introduce some new ones as well.

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Unexpected Discovery in Angkor Wat

After being woken up at 4:30, Jennifer groggily and somewhat reluctantly visits Angkor Wat at sunrise- and finds unexpected spiritual enlightenment.

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