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Doug's Blog

New Community Center
Bawana India – .

An appeal for your help !!! $ 25 a month will make a huge difference. order essays Our family has raised the seed money to install a Community Center in the Bawana Relocation Community outside Delhi India. As discussed in the attached article this community was created when underprivileged families were moved out of central […]

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Child in Bawana Relcoation Settlement
Bawana India

Round the World with Us founders, Teresa Keller and Doug Tilden, recently anchored the development of a Children International Community Center in Bawana India as well as an English as a second Language Program (ESL) in 11 CI centers in West Bengal. Teresa and Doug have been inspired by Children International’s youth council and leadership […]

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Dougs unit pics 21
Help us solve some of the mysteries at Cahal Pech!

Why is there a floor, charcoal pit, and stela 3 feet above the floor, which indicated hundreds of years after the site was supposedly abandoned? And why are the walls on different sides of the 1,200 year old plaza different when the Maya LOVED symmetry? Stay tuned as we uncover some answers.

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A student and school make a difference

Round the World's model is built on the premise that everyone can make a difference. A small contribution channeled into sustainable projects can have sustainable impacts that reach far beyond the initial contribution. This is the story of how one young student and her school decided to make that difference is people's lives half way around the world. The […]

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Belize archaeology - 0031

The Round the World trip has taken the RTW travelers and occasionally me to some very exciting and interesting places.  But probably one of the most exciting was the archaeological excavation that was done in parallel with the Succotz School project in Belize. Teresa has already posted below on the RTWwithus website about the school […]

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Certificate from Cambodia Ministry of Education

expository essay e received this Certificate of Appreciation from the Cambodian Ministry of Education for the Ian Tilden Middle School project and wanted to share it with all of you who helped make the school a reality.                  zp8497586rq

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Jennifer and Bella art class
Some of my favorite pictures from Kolkata

It was heartwarming to see all our younger travelers interacting with the kids and youth that we were working with. These experiences will last them a lifetime. I am taken back to some of the scepticism early on about taking the kids on this trip. These pictures put paid to the idea that the trip […]

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Children International: Meeting my Sponsored Children

Meeting my sponsored Children in Calcutta

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My First Solo Ride in Madurai was Almost My Last!

Dave talks about his first solo rickshaw ride in India, and how it very well might’ve been the last thing he ever did!

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The Container Guest House
The 20’ container guest house

Doug Tilden’s past catches up with him as he lives in a 20′ container while on a project in Tanzania

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