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Hello my name is Isabella and I am 12 years old and am in 6th grade at Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School. I have one sister named jenny and a brother named Alex. I also have a dog named Dakota who is a golden retriever, and a great dog. I also have 2 gerbils named Hacoo and Chihero. Then there’s my mother who is, and I quote “the best mom ever”. Last but not least there is Meagan who is my mom’s best friend’s daughter who wanted to come along too. My friends Maya, Heather, Faith and Annalise all don’t want me to go (I agree) because my mom says that we might not move back to Groton.

OK…. Traveling is not my best idea of fun. The thing I say that started it is Three Cups Of Tea. So my brother Alex my mom and I were reading it and my mom kept saying that it was so “moving” but I just thought it was another story but then she said that we should help people all over the world like that. I dismissed the idea like she was kidding but… I wasn’t so lucky.

One of the problems of going on this trip is that I don’t like airplanes or another way to say it is that I would prefer to never set foot on one in my entire life.

Although the more I think about it the more I think it’s the right thing to do. I mean just last week the huge earthquake in Haiti killed thousands upon thousands of people.

Just think, the earthquake destroyed all of their homes and went right through the heart of their government. How are they to rebuild if there is no one in charge, if there’s no medicine? Well actually there is medicine right across the street as a matter of fact, but no one can deliver it. Now imagine that but now put it in a different perspective, imagine the third world countries like this. All of the third world countries are poor but not as poor as Haiti. All of them aren’t as lucky as the U.S. most people don’t have educations most don’t have the best lives they could. People don’t know how amazing something like a education is. MOST take it all for granted. This is what we are trying to do, to give people the simple things they need like water, to drink. Or clothes to wear. Some people don’t have these things and we will try to help everyone we can. This is how I feel about this trip and this is what I will do.

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Bella's Blog

AMERICA!!! My favorite places :)

I’M BACK AMERICA!!! YOU’RE THE COOLEST! But here are some of my favorite countries. Enjoy!!

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I Am In Japan, And You Told Me I Would Melt, Which I Didn't. LIES!!!

Japan is fine and you guys kept freaking me out by saying I would melt or keel over from radiation poisoning. You said Tokyo was a ghost town, but there are definitely enough people to get me lost for a fair amount of time.

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Bungee Jump >:)

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I Just Discovered That My Dream Of Becoming a Zoologist Has Flaws :(

My idea of becoming a Zoologist seems to be crumbling. All because I don’t know what a Crenarchaeota is. See Mr. Robinson? I can ask questions, unless I’m in a class full of children, then I’ll be quiet. But seriously, what’s a Crenarchaeota?

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evil doggie
This is a sad attempt to get people to comment more… SO COMMENT!!

This is a post of mainly questions that I’m asking to get people to comment. So unless your planning on answering one of them, don’t click on the post. Or you’ll be banished, and I’ll take the doggies leash off, and you don’t want that.

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evil laughing

The mosquitoes will learn, I will show them. I will win the war against mosquitoes across the globe, and I have discovered a way to make this goal possible. So watch out my blood sucking friends, you are about to be annihilated. 8D

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Glitter CAN Cause Civic Unrest

Have any of you ever gone to a hotel in India? If you have, it was fine, right? You check in, and go up to your room. Well, have I got a story to tell. We wanted to stay somewhere else in India besides the LAFTI Headquarters. So we went to the nearest city. We […]

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Bella water sking post
Top Ten Water Skiing ‘Do Not’s’

WATER SKIING!!!! Who wants to know how many times I fell?! It’s pretty funny, let me tell you!!

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A Christmas Story With A Twist

Find out what the PERFECT holiday gift this season is!

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The Tale of a Goat a Girl and the Two-Legs

Have you ever wondered about death, well, here’s my perception of it all.

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