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Don't Have the Time or Money to Travel?

Have you ever wanted to travel to see the sights, but didn’t have the time or money to do it? Well now you can in China, at Window of The World theme park!!! The park has replicas of world attractions, from the Alps indoor ski resort and skating rink to the pyramids of Egypt and even Niagara falls. Really, what more could you ask for? Well how about a Mt. Fuji 4D movie, a flying over America 4D movie, the Nazca lines, a Grand canyon log flume, a ¼ size Eiffel tower, and a flash floods show demonstration. Also a Hawaiian volcano eruption show and so much more!

The famous sites are turned in to miniatures as small as 1/100 of the original and as big as the real thing. The miniatures were pretty good and realistic, but one of my favorite things was the log flume.

An Intense Log Flume

It started out with the staff there saying that we “needed” to buy a poncho, and we didn’t think we needed one so we didn’t buy one.  Then on the log flume it was normal until we went slowly up  a tall, rickety hill and then we saw next to the track a “log flume log grave yard” full of carts that were broken or being repaired. Then we went up again slowly to a dark room with the drop down. Around us were pictures of lighting on cardboard; we didn’t even get to think about how stupid that was before the steep drop. We splashed down to the bottom and were completely soaked. It was much more water than log flumes in the US!

Revenge is Sweet

We were happy it was over until some guy sprayed us with water from a water cannon next to the track. We thought after the ride that we would get to spray any log flumes riders next. When we were spraying people with the cannons we would hit one after another. They got wet even when they were wearing the ponchos because most of the time we nailed them right in the face! We even attracted a crowd that liked watching other people get sprayed.

Time for a Shopping Break!

All around, the park was good-but what about the shopping around the world? Well the park has some shops but if those aren’t good enough for you there’s a big mall across the street with an ice rink, movie theater, and 5 floors. Then when you’re done the mall has a subway and bus stations or you can just take a taxi. Pretty cool, eh?

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