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Cows, glorious cows, glorious cows, glorious cows!

The Cow, a female bull, sometimes spotted, gives milk, tends to be boney, has four stomachs. If you don’t know the animal I just described, even after I said the name, I’m sorry for you. They’ve got eight cows, twelve bulls, and five calves at Nyumbani. At 6:00am they milk the cows and goats, and at 4:00pm they milk the cows again. The goat milk is for the children who are fighting HIV. The cow milk is for all the children, and they bring it home to the  shoe-shoe’s so they can make food with it. Sometimes, I go up to the barn to milk the cows. Usually there bringing them in from the pasture when I get there. The cows know there routine well. They  go up a ramp, and wait by the gate in their barn, until it’s their turn. The cows motivation to get milked is the powder that the put out for them. It looks like a really fine sand, and has a brownish tint. It smells kinda like dried peanut butter, but I might just be crazy. The cows rush to be the first one milked. If there not chosen first they moo and moo until it’s their turn. Some of the cows love to be milked and others despise it and are just in it for the ‘peanut butter’. There is one guy who usually milks the cows and he’s really nice. He always wears a Whinnie-The-Pooh hat with a purple drape thing going down the back of his neck. He always lets me milk his cows, even though I must be the slowest cow-milker in the world. First you have to disinfect your hands with scalding hot water. Then you disinfect the cows udders. After that you put this weird stuff on the udders to make them slippery (I think it’s also water proof because it’s HARD to wash off). THEN you can milk them. I’ve found it easiest to milk the cows the way people do it in books and movies, take the udder and pull down. No matter what you do, that’s the easiest way. Some people might disagree, but I say there wrong. Even the world record cow milker is wrong. I know it’s the fastest way, I just have to practice a little more. Then I’LL be the fastest cow milker in the world, and there will be no excuses in which my system is not the best. MUAHAHAHA!

Well after I milk the cows in my extremely fast way (LIES), then all the kids come into the barn to get there afternoon bottles of milk. One time one of the volunteers here started playing ‘knots and crosses’ with them. I figured it was some game that we did play in America, so I didn’t play. It turned out to be ‘Tic Tac Toe’ and in England and wherever else they call it ‘knots and crosses’  if you don’t call it either of those names, than it’s the game where you make the ‘X’ and ‘O’ and try to make three in a row. Then we went back to the guest house where we played ‘Bananagrams’. If you don’t know what it is, I won’t blame you like I usually do, I didn’t know what it was until I played that first time. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play a game with the word BANANA in it! (It’s like Scrabble (don’t tell me you don’t know what Scrabble is!) but you play it one person, and you say things like spit and peel. (GET IT!) FUN!!)

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Posted on: November 14, 2010 | Categories: Environment, Kenya, recreation, sustainability, Traditions, Well for HIV+ Village- Kenya


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