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Bungee Jumping. I told myself I’d try it if I ever got the chance, but it’s really easier said than done….

We entered Thailand, and we had the idea that we’d go Bungee Jumping. It was entertaining to imagine myself bungee jumping, but when you find yourself minutes away from going, you’re gonna get a little nervous. Here’s what happened:

It was a clear day, and we were waiting in line to jump from a 50 meter high platform. It was funny to watch peoples’ reactions to both the jump and the rebound. Really, really funny.

The platform was a giant metal tower that had a cable car stretching up towards the top. The left side wall of the car had something like a diving board… except with no springs…. So I guess it was kinda just a board >_>

At the bottom of the tower, there was a pond. You could choose to be dunked into the pond, which I thought was terrifying.

What if they miss judged the bungee’s length? What if they dunked me by accident?! What if? What if?

One man stated that he didn’t want to be dunked. Unfortunately for him, the staff stated that he wouldn’t be considered a man if he didn’t get dunked. After a while of pestering, he finally agreed to be dunked if the staff stopped calling him a chicken. That guy got SOAKED. I laughed, as usual.

Four People later….

MAMA’S TURN! (Unfortunately for you people, she’ll probably post about this herself, so ha-ha and stay tuned :P)

Let the records show, that I, in fact, WANTED to go first. Mama said that if she had to watch me go it would just be a longer wait and she’d have to keep thinking about jumping and that would make her more nervous, thus, she should go first. So she did…. It was kinda funny. But not as funny as the guy who got dunked.

Finally, it was my turn, and as I got closer to the station, I got more and more nervous, but it wasn’t nearly enough to stop me. As usual, the staff we’re all men, and because I looked like a weak innocent little girl, they proceeded to try and terrify the wits out of me. Sadly for them, it didn’t work (heeheehee) Only one of their comments affected me and this is how it went:

Guy: You to light. You have to weigh at least 120 to bungee jump

Me: *deathly glare* Oh really? Are you sure?!

Guy: hehe….. *probably thinking I’m a demon* nope… kidding!

Me: That’s what I thought

After weighing me, they wrapped my ankles in this foamy stuff and wrapped a rope around that. Then they started the video. I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m not sure what the quality is. If I look like a wimp, I’m not posting it.

So, I got in the cable car, and proceeded to keep up my illusion of calmness. A staff member hopped in, and we started the accent. On the way up, I had something that barely counted as a conversation.

Guy: Are you scared?

Me: No. Are YOU scared?!

Guy: *forced laugh* why would I be scared?

Me: In a fit of fear, I could grab you before I jump and we’d both plummet to the bottom. But the difference would be that I’d bounce back up and you’d hit the water in an agonizing belly-flop

Guy: *laughs for real* If you did that, you’d be stuck upsideown for quite a while.

Me: Huh?

Guy: I’m the only one who can get you back down, because I have to lower the cart for you to be able to get down.

Me: aww….

Yup. That was my sad excuse for a conversation…. I know.

After gut wrenching minutes, we finally reached the top. And to tell us this, the car said “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIO!!” Just to scare the heck outta me. Hurrumph!

Mr. Staff-guy instructed me how to bungee jump. Then he chucked the bungee cable over the side and told me to be careful, because it was heavy and I might get pulled off the side. That’s fun.

With that, I hopped over to the edge (my feet we’re tied together) and put my toes just over the edge (as instructed). Mr. Staff-guy told me to say when I was ready, and he’d start the countdown, so I took a minute to try (TRY) and focus. This is the conversation I had inside my head:

Me: OK! Ready to bungee jump fella’s?

Brain: Oh no…. No, no, no, no.

Body: *only trust’s brain* What’s a nono?

Crazed adrenaline bella: Could you hurry up and jump?

Brain: What are you doing bella? Get away for the edge you idiot!!

Me: I’m supposed to be next to the edge!

Body: Crap! So I SHOULD get away from the edge?

Brain:YES!! Me: NO!!

Body: I’m so confused…..

Me: Enough! Brain, shut up. Body, listen.

Brain: Bella! It’s against the laws of science!

Me: apparently not.

Back to real life!

Ok! I’m ready!

Guy: any last words?

Me: I hope I don’t die….

Guy: and a tip. Don’t look down

With that, I stood there, and looked down. (Those of you who don’t know, if someone tells me I can’t do something, I immediately prove to them that there A) wrong and B) I can too.) I also have little battles with fear and my brain. If I’m afraid of something, I’ll try and smush that fear like a bug. That’s basically caused by not wanting my brain to be like:

“Haha, I told you you’re too scared! You can’t do anything! I win! You lose!”

I really don’t like letting my brain win….

So I looked down, and everything looked tiny and my vision got weird. Then the “What if’s” came back.

What if you get tangled in the bungee?

What if you hit your head?

What if you DIE?

Huh? Whatcha gonna do about that?

Guy: 3,2,1, BUNGEE!!

Time is either going really slowly, or my brain is working really fast, but I had time to think one more thing:

Huh…. I totally forgot about gravity… so when I jump… I’m going to fall… really fast.

Ok, so that wasn’t a very Albert Einstein-y thought, but you really have to give me the benefit of the doubt. I was about to hurtle 50 meters to my death.

Brain: Bella…. Don’t you dare!

*Jumps off the edge*

Brain: Oh, you did not just do that.

And then, I was free falling. But when I jumped, it was almost as if something was physically pushing me back. The jump felt restrained, like I couldn’t jump as far as I wanted.

I hit the bottom of the cable and rebounded back up. I’m not sure if my fingertips touched the water. I really can’t remember. It was almost like flying, except instead of going horizontally, your hurtling towards the ground and gravity’s angry at you. Great.

In the end, I did not die. And I am proud to admit that I would do it again. I also got a certificate (BAM BOUNUS) so those of you who don’t believe me, I’m going to frame it and put it on my wall!! BAM. There’s a little problem with it though… it says ‘Isabella Gogliardo’ Instead of ‘Isabella Gagliardo’

*sigh* Maybe next time….

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Posted on: April 24, 2011 | Categories: entertainment, recreation, Sports, Thailand



  • Steve G says:


    You are a brave girl. I don’t think I could do it. It would be a really long battle with my brain I am sure. Very entertaining post.

  • Faith says:

    Way to go Bella! :) You went SKYDIVING! and yet to come maybe rocky mountain climbing! is it just as good as or better than rock climbing? either way it sounded fun. see you around Ms. Gogliardo! :p

  • Maurizio Gagliardo says:

    Your writing ability has improved much in these last few months I am so very proud of you Bella! When I read your blog I felt I was right there with you.


bungee jump

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