Paris Eiffel Tower and Fancy Dinner

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In Paris we were able to go to the Eiffel Tower.  When we were there we saw a lot of sketchy street vendors selling little tiny Eiffel Towers.  Some of them would sell them 4 for a Euro, 5 for a Euro, and even 6 for a Euro. Some were so desperate you could even haggle them down to 7 for a Euro.  When we got to the Eiffel Tower I was excited to climb the stairs.  Then, at the 2nd level, we had to take the elevator the rest of the way up.  When we got to the top they were selling champagne, sparkling water, and water. At the top, there were also signs that told you how far away cities were.

After the Eiffel Tower we went to a sort of fancy restaurant.  At the restaurant we were able to order off of a “fixed price” menu.  While we were waiting for the food, the chef brought out special bean cappuccinos that tasted like liquid mashed potatoes.  The waiter left the room so we could dip our bread in it.  Later we got our food.  It was first a weird cantaloupe soup with a fancy alcohol chocolate B on the plate.  Then there was a really good meat and veggie platter.  After that I got the gold covered chocolate cake. It was really good!  During the dinner we were yelling at Jenny because she kept drinking her water too quickly, and the guy would come over and refill ALL of the glasses, then open another expensive bottle of water.  He also gave Jenny more bread to make her even thirstier so she’d drink more water.  Jenny got the fruit gondola for desert and we were joking about how they were going to build her a little gondola and there’d be fruit in it. Turns out it was just a plate with a lot of red fruit on it.  All in all the dinner was very tasty and a unique experience.

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Posted on: August 24, 2010 | Categories: France, recreation, Snacks and Food


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