Barbecue at Maria Theresia Orphanage

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100 ears of corn!

Today we were preparing a barbecue for the children at Maria Theresia. To start out we had to go to the market and get a hundred ears of corn that we pre-ordered. When we brought it back we gathered a group of people and everyone shucked the corn. Then the lunch lady took the corn and brought it into the kitchen.

Was our corn fit for human consumption?

Later, while we were making the meat patties for hamburgers, we realized that the lady had put the corn in a pot and started cooking it. Some of it was overcooked, some of it was undercooked. Later, jenny was trying to be as optimistic as possible when trying the corn. When she bit into it she said, “oh, no, we can’t serve this,” followed by, “it’s terrible.” The corn was like rubber; we couldn’t really bite into it. Then jenny kept biting into different ears and putting them back into the bag with all of the other corn that we had decided to get rid of. So later, when we had put wrappers and watermelon guts on top of the corn in the bag, the lunch lady found out that we wanted to throw out a hundred ears of corn.

Out of the trash…

She immediately took all of the trash off of it and put the bag of corn aside so that she could use it tomorrow.

Custom buns

For the barbeque, we needed hamburger and hot dog buns. To get those, since they don’t sell them here, we had to go to a bakery and get them specially made.

Ninja star…

Later, when I was cutting watermelon, the top part of each watermelon slice would fall off every time I cut it. While I was cutting it, the knife broke. How did it break? The blade snapped off. Later, ahelios decided it would be funny to pretend to throw that same knife, that the lunch lady “fixed” afterwords, at bella. Luckily, the blade flew off to the side.

No choices

Another thing that happened while at the barbeque was we were going to have all the kids choose their juice and a hamburger or a hot dog. But the kids teachers said that was too many choices for them. So then we just put out the cups and burgers at each place at the tables.

“rations” for a week…

The teachers also said we had bought way too much food, because we thought we were cooking for at least eighty people, so we shopped for a hundred. Actually, there were only sixty kids, so we had a ton of leftovers. And then we were going to also serve them ice cream, but they already said we had way too much food, and they didn’t know about the ice cream or the cookies yet. We’re going to serve them another day. So then what was supposed to be one or two meals will be turned into around a week’s worth of “rations.”

one to two hours…

I learned that there is a reason why all of the children’s meals are soupy- because they probably cook everything for one or two hours, like they said we should’ve done with the corn when they saw it in the garbage.

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Posted on: October 4, 2010 | Categories: Bulgaria, Computer Lab - Bulgaria, Snacks and Food


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