On Our Way To Russia

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OK… post… no problem… alright I admit it I’m stuck on a plane on my way to Russia, no way out now. It’s cool though I’m not flippin’ out or anything… sort of.  There’s some sort of movie playing but it looks crappy, and it’s probably in another language. Yup, yup, yup I was so right, it IS in another language! Now what to do, I can’t check my e-mail cuz there’s no Wi-Fi, and all the books I have I’ve read at least a hundred times. So now I find myself sitting down righting a post. Not the most exciting thing to do but it’s ok. AAANNNDD… now there speaking in another language expecting me to understand… nope…  still not getting it. The plane has bright lights so I can’t fall asleep … ugggg! Well I guess it’s tough love.

Listening to rap, I’ve never sunk this low L. Mom won’t let me use Iphone, because she’s trying to teach me a lesson, opps, all my fault L. I’m good though.  (minutes later) ok this song is ok, sort of, never heard it before though ” Keepin your love locked down your love locked down, you lose, you lose,” well…  that’s pleasant. OOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK BACK TO RAAAAAPPPP AAGGAAIINN! HELP MEEEE! All the other channels are in some other language! Well that’s it time to go night-night even though the lights are blazing white light..

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 | Categories: Blog, Getting Ready for Our Trip, It's Tough to Leave, Russia, USA


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