New Zealand – where else can you volunteer, hike a glacier and go black water rafting?

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We've been fortunate enough to be able to visit so many wonderful places, but one that we're missing out on this year is New Zealand.  You can't visit everywhere is one year, right?

Then Craig and Linda of Indie Travel Podcast started the #blog4nz campaign, to support New Zealand travel in light of the Canterbury earthquake.  After reading about the travel adventures of others in New Zealand, it is definitely going on our bucket list!!

Wanna hike over a glacier?

New Zealand Glacier Hiking

© Craig Martin

Discover black water rafting? This sport was new to me, but sounds awesome!

How about dropping 134 meters between two mountains on a bungee cord?  (I know Bella, though sometimes afraid of heights, would go for that one!)

I've been wanting to learn to SCUBA dive, and New Zealand has that, too!

My dad would love the chance to go heli-skiing and my brother Dave would be right there with him.  I think I'd stick to the slopes, though.

No matter what your choice of adventure sport, it seems New Zealand has it all!  Check out the awesome photos of these and other amazing experiences in Craig and Linda's beautiful New Zealand Adventure Travel Post.

Volunteer New Zealand

Whenever we travel, we like to look into volunteer opportunities.  I don't think there is a better way to really get to know a culture, or to meet great people as you travel.  If you share our passion for getting truly involved when you visit a new place, you can check out some great volunteer opportunities for New Zealand here.

Read more stories on Facebook from Blog4NZ or see more New Zealand travel stories on Indie Travel Podcast.

Keep on traveling and show your support for New Zealand by sharing this blog with your friends!

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