Missing our “puppy”

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How do dogs end up getting into your heart the way people do?  We are missing our Dakota and hoping she is doing okay with her “foster family”.  We are very grateful to the Henriques family for taking care of her while we are away.  They have a wonderful family, a great dog and a spacious yard for Dakota to play in.

Too bad we can’t stay in touch with Dakota on Facebook.  I know from business trips that she doesn’t even recognize my voice via Skype.  Oh well, we can always hope that people are correct when they say that dogs have less of a sense of time than people.  I hope Sammi and Sydney will go over and visit her often!

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Posted on: August 3, 2010 | Categories: looking back - home friends etc



  • Ian Henriques says:

    Dakota is doing just fine with us. she has gotten along with the family has lots of fun runing around in our yard and she and Lyra are best friends, they wrestle all the time. I’m sure she misses all of you and will be so happy to see you again she says thanks for the post cards!

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Thanks, Ian. We really love hearing about Dakota and we are so happy that you are taking care of her. I don’t think she is going to want to leave your family when we get back!

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