Would you leave everything and travel around the world?

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While you are thinking about that question, think about this: you will have to leave your friends, pets, school, routine and all of the things you have in your house and use everyday.  If you said, “yes”, you are probably thinking, “Oh, it would be a great experience!” or that “change life” stuff.

Some of you still may say, “yes”, even after hearing the bad parts, but I would not because I do not like change.  I would not like to leave everything I know.  So, would you leave where you live under these circumstances – not having a permanent home and might not be going back to your town.

There are also some technical problems with the trip.

For example, the economy is down, people can’t find jobs, my mom is leaving her job and coming back from the trip with no job, her refusing to leave work for six months instead of traveling for a whole year and not having a job to come back to.  Also trying to start a new non-profit during an economic crisis.

My mom also wants to write a book about this.  I will be surprised if that works out because it is NOT something I would want to read.

Those were the money-related problems.  These are the other problems:

  • language barriers
  • climate
  • unpredictable weather such as earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, floods, etc
  • stress for the trip-goers
  • theft
  • “other crime”
  • currency
  • very low food budget, especially in expensive countries ($10/day)


I know it will probably be a “life changing experience.”  I know I am probably going to like it.  I’ll probably look back and say, “Oh, how lucky I was”, but I still can’t say that now without using a sarcastic voice.  I will probably learn new things and get new experiences and have a different look on the world.

(note: these are all “probably” NOT certain)

These are positives and negatives about the trip and part of how I feel about the trip.

Traveling around the world is not for me.

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Posted on: March 1, 2010 | Categories: It's Tough to Leave, Pre-Departure Thoughts



  • Julie says:

    One question.

    How do you know anything is not for you until you try it?

  • Alisa Barton says:

    Hi Alex,
    I just learned about your trip. Like you, I don’t like change, so I can understand how ambivalent you may be feeling about going. That said, I’m so excited for you! You are about to experience a unique, hands-on education that will equip you with an understanding of our interconnected world that few adults, never mind kids, can claim to have. Maybe you’ll write your own book about your experiences — I’d be interested in reading it! Have a great trip and don’t worry, Groton will still be here when you get back!

  • Idan treistman from Israel says:

    Hi Alex,
    you going to be fine you going to have lots of fun meeting friends all over the world and be in lots of places. It’s a once in a life time opportunies take advantage of it, i am sure you will have lots of adventures.

  • Ashley Leah says:

    Hi Alex,
    I read about your family on the globe. I’m 27 by the way, but I was 15 the first time I decided to go abroad. It was my decision. A program called The Island School started in the Bahamas and I went to study sustainable practices in this “third world” country. When I made my decision to go though what I really cared about was that I would get to spend a semester of high school at the beach! Yep it was pretty great. Anyway obviously at 13 you seem much more tuned in to what’s important about this trip than I did when I went on my first at 15. In spite of my own lack of maturity when I went to the Bahamas, I did have such a great time that I later decided at 17 to spend another semester abroad in Thailand. I volunteered at the Vieng Ping Orphanage for children with HIV/AIDS or who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. I think I caught the volunteer bug after that. Anyway funny how these experiences change you. Last year I married a man from Sri Lanka – a country that just ended a 30 year war. People ask me how I could marry someone of a different race, religion, nationality, etc. I laugh. We’re both people who care about the same things. People all over the world care about the same things. Anyway, I suspect that you’re right – you’ll miss your friends and what’s happening at home. For what its worth though, a 13 yr old boy in India with no money for shoes will care about cricket, like you might care about baseball. Anyway I liked your post – I could relate to your fears and your hopes. I still remember missing my senior prom, but I also remember laying in a hammock in Thailand the day it was going on and this wonderful tofu dish (I promise even though it was tofu it was great) I had for dinner every night we stayed at that hotel. Best of luck for your trip!

  • Tom Saraceno says:

    Hey Alex,

    Bruno’s been asking “Where’s my buddy Alex?” We told him that you’ll have some good stories for him when you return. Enjoy; we are all pluggin’ in every day to check on you.


    Tom, Lisa, Greg

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    What at time Bruno would have exploring the world – like a bull in a China shop. Too bad we can’t ship him interesting treats from different countries. Tell Bruno to go visit Dakota sometime – or maybe it would be better if Greg visited Dakota – at the Henriques’ house. Miss you!

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