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Persuasive Essay                 2/11/10

Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea, a story told by a brave man. Usually I don’t enjoy stories that are nonfiction. This story was just the same. Sure it was touching, but sill. I couldn’t handle it, I felt as if it was pushing me towards my own adventure. Some would welcome it, but others such as me, are fine with the adventures that happen to us every day. The simplest things are adventures to me, like going to the beach. I don’t need a whole lot of hocus-pocus to go on an amazing adventure. This is why I tell you now, do not read the book, Three Cups of Tea, because if you do, you must be prepared for a big adventure.

Most of you may think that a book can’t really do any harm to you. I agree fully, it can’t really do any harm to you physically, (unless it’s a hard cover) but what about mentally? A book could do some serious damage to your head if you think about it. To all of you that have read this book already, do you remember the suffering this man went through to help these children? He sold his house and slept in his car. He even left his own wife! Can you imagine what must have been going through his head?

Now subtract this great man from the picture…and add yourself in his place. Just think, your whole world would be raining down on you. Even if you were in a good place in school, doing well in your classes, with great after school activities, you couldn’t stop what has already started. Fate has no mercy. Fate can come along and yank the rug out from under your feet. You pack up and leave one of your best accomplishments…your life. All of your friends are swept away like dust in the wind. Your belongings are nothing more than a pile of trash. There’s no way out, nothing you can do. NOW do you think this book is just a book!? No. At least I hope you don’t, because in reality this is happening to a girl. This girl just happens to be me. After reading this book to us, my mother decided to take us on a yearlong trip to volunteer around the world – especially in developing countries that seem very different from mine.

So, after hearing all this, you may be starting to have second thoughts.  Although you are probably not totally convinced yet. I mean, reading about someone’s greatest adventure should be fun, right? It wouldn’t be terribly bad to pack up and ship off for a year would it?

Everyone in the whole world most likely has a fear, the fear of spiders, the fear of snakes. Even the fear of the dark. Now imagine a whole trip, laid out in front of you. Everything is fine. Then there’s one thing that messes it all up, the fear of planes. This one little fear could change the course of one whole year. That is the power of phobias. This book is not only making me face a big, unknown adventure, it is making me face a big phobia of mine.  On the other hand, if a person has a particularly strong phobia and is pushed into facing it, they might be able to do great things.  So maybe I will be able to lift a car off someone while on the trip.

After hearing all this I can’t imagine your position. Either you are totally convinced, or you may be in a car ready to go to the bookstore. You might be thinking, “Who wouldn’t want to read a book that gives you a free ticket to go anywhere in the world?”, whether you get to help people on the trip or not. But if it actually happened to you, as it is happening to me, you might give it a second thought and be as scared as I am about it. This is why I tell you now, that reading the book, Three Cups of Tea, may be dangerous. I know, I’ve read it. This is all happening, as I’ve told you, to a girl who made the mistake of reading it.

-Isabella Gagilardo

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Posted on: February 12, 2010 | Categories: It's Tough to Leave, Pre-Departure Thoughts



  • Doug Tilden says:


    I think I can get you an autographed copy of Three Cups of Tea !!! Wouldn’t that be nice ??

  • Can’t wait for your next post, Bella. When are you going to tell us about tackling your fear of flying?!

  • Anthony Lunch says:

    What an excellent essay. I love the line about “fate yanking the rug from under your feet”!

    I read the book and found it fascinating. He’s an amazing person but – and here’s the rub – somewhat obsessive.

    Maybe an obsession of sorts is vital to achieving things. But it should be kept in perspective otherwise one is likely to come off the rails.
    I guess being a successful mountaineer is equally obsessive; his K2 exploits were extraordinary.

    Good luck with your journey; I am sure you will leave obsessions aside and enjoy the experience!!

  • Krishan says:

    Great post. I enjoyed reading it. I know it needs courage to give up your daily routing and take the uncharted paths, paths with No green boards telling you where the next exit is.

    Please keep posting your experience, that itself might change one more life :)

    All the Best.

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