Traveling far from home

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Trips: for me, it all depends on how far I have to go away from home.

One day our mom shouted “We’re going to Disney World!” Now you may say to yourself, ‘What kind of child wouldn’t want to go to Disney World?’ I’m right along with you, but now let’s put the whole ‘how far away from home’ into perspective.

Lets think, how far away is Disney World compared to China? For those of you who answered that China is on the other side of the world, I agree.

For children, the safest place is a place where they know best, so why would someone take a child on a trip around the world!? Does that make them feel safe, NO WAY!

So am I not a confirmed candidate for this trip na-ah no way-joseh.

I’m still riding on the fence…

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Posted on: February 10, 2010 | Categories: It's Tough to Leave, Pre-Departure Thoughts


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