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The excitement I feel about this trip is indescribable.  I still can’t quite grasp the fact that in only a few short months I will be picking up and leaving on a yearlong journey.  I can’t wait until I can start making a difference.  For me, the anticipation for this trip outweighs my fear of going.  This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and if I don’t make the most of it I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.  I’m thrilled to be going.

However, there are some things that will definitely make this trip difficult for me.  Leaving my family will probably be the hardest part for me.  My siblings and I are very close, and I can’t imagine not seeing them for a whole year.  Being away from the youngest three (Lizzie, Boris, and Sam) will be especially difficult.  I feel like I’m so much a part of their lives now, and I want to be there for them as they get older, and be as much a part of their lives as I can be.  I fear they might not even know me when I get back.  And then it’s off to college for me.  Lizzie has already written me little notes and told me numerous times that she’ll miss me when I go to college.  It makes me feel guilty for leaving her, but deep down I know she’ll be just fine without me.  I also feel bad about leaving my mom.  I feel like she depends on me so much, with watching my younger siblings and keeping the house under control while she’s working.  I hope my younger sister, Alex, will be able to help her just as much in my absence.  I will miss them all so much.

Leaving my boyfriend, Jake, is also going to be quite a challenge for me.  We have been dating for a little over 5 months, and we are incredibly close.  I can barely go a day without seeing him, and the thought of leaving him for a whole year frightens me.  Sure we’ll keep in touch, but not being with him will be incredibly hard on both of us.  He’s supportive of my trip, excited because I am, and he understands why I’m going, but he’s still uneasy about the fact that we won’t be seeing each other for an entire year.  I’ll miss him- I’ll miss everybody!  But I know this is what I want to do, and everybody will still be here when I get back.

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Posted on: February 13, 2010 | Categories: Getting Ready for Our Trip, It's Tough to Leave, Pre-Departure Thoughts



  • Jacob Mansell says:

    meg, i love you :)

  • Grandma & Grampa Shwalb says:

    Dearest Meagan,
    We’re so proud of you for your choice to be part of this great journey. We’re excited that you have the courage to try new things, and are delighted that you have a desire to help people who are less fortunate than yourself. We wish you nothing but the best, for this year of travel and all your life, as you know. We’ll miss you, and we love you.
    Grandma & Grampa

  • Debbie and Andy Gorder says:

    I have a feeling the next few years are going to just fly by for you- beginning with this trip. I hope that you can take lots of pictures and if you have time, a journal of your experiences along the way will be really nice for you to have someday. That would be my advice to you :) Besides that, we will miss you. Please stay safe and take care of yourself! We love you so much and am always proud of you.
    Debbie and Andy

  • Davy and Allison says:


    What an amazing opportunity you’ve been given! We’re both very proud of you for your decision to go on this trip. Debbie and Andy are right about how fast it will go by. Before you know it you’ll be home. What’s neat about life though is that everything you experience becomes a part of who you are as a person. Put everything you’ve got into your service this next year and you’ll return 10 times as strong as you are now…and the strength, insight, and maturity you’ll gain will be a part of you forever. We’re excited for you to go, but we’re even more excited to see the growth you’ll experience over the next year. We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Uncle Davy, Aunt Allison, and kids

    P.S. You misspoke about one thing…you said “I can’t wait until I can start making a difference.” Believe us, Meg…you’ve been making a positive and meaningful difference in people’s lives since you were born=) We love you…

  • Davy and Allison says:

    Wow! I did not realize what a big deal this actually is. Kudos to you for your courage and perspective. We’ll be excited to hear about your journey as it progresses. Have a fantastic time!


  • Laura Castellaw says:

    What an adventure of a lifetime! The experience will only exemplify who you are, a loving and caring young woman. We have and have always been proud of the person you are. Of course , we also are very envious of what you are to see…the world!
    We love you,
    Aunt Laura and Uncle Cass

  • This sounds like a fantastic adventure! I hope you have a great time! My mom told me that you would be starting off in St. Petersburg, I think you’ll love it. I lived out there for 6 months and it’s a beautiful city. You should definitely see the Hermitage, it’s basically the Russian Louvre. If you have the chance, you should also try to make it down to Peterhoff Palace. Since you’re there in the summer you can see the fountains. Hope you have a great time travelling around the world, I look forward to seeing your blog!

    -Cousin Chris

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