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nervous about flying

The life of a child consists of many things; going to the park; to the movies even to the rock gym once or twice. After a while the child wants a challenge in life.

In my life that challenge is going to be the biggest for me yet. It consists of going around the world for a year and doing my best to find a new life while clinging on to the old. In the eyes of a child this challenge may be too hard to swallow. My eyes reflect how I am feeling. They can show the stillness and comfort all children in the world seem to have at times. Poor or wealthy, needy or selfish, every one of us has it. In every eye shows the emotion of the child itself. You can tell if someone is going to cry with sadness or stream tears of joy. If there’re sick, or if they seem to be basking in happiness. It all comes down to the eyes. After explaining all this there’s only one thing to do. Tell a story

The crisp smell of a sterile atmosphere invaded my senses as I entered the place I felt was a horror zone. Right then the instinct of running appeared in my head. As I stopped near my Mom my mind flashed back to the day when I watched a show called “37 seconds”. The show was about a plane that crashed because one of its engines broke off. Everyone died and in the end they couldn’t even find the Black Box. I shuddered at the thought of dying like that. After a while of waiting for our tickets, we headed off to get our bags checked. When we got there, they made us take off our shoes and sweatshirts and put them in a box. As they went through a machine we had to go through a high tech metal detector. They all wore white gloves and blue suits that made them all look intimidating.

After a while of waiting around for our plane we started to head off towards the gate. Once we got there my stomach started to twist. There were at least 20 planes taking off and landing. ‘How many would never make it to the next airport?’ I wondered to myself. As the plane was called in for boarding, we were called in to go onto the Sky-way. When we got onto the plane I started to feel a little sick. When we got to our seat, my sister was supposed to sit next to me, but my mother insisted that they switch. Thus I was next to my mother instead. As the plane started up, the whole thing began to shake. Not like a gentle lullaby shake, a ‘I’ll shake your brain out through your nose’ kind of shake. As I started to get settled, I noticed a highly decorated menu between the seats. I picked it up and slowly opened it. Inside was a menu for the flight. There were things like prime rib with mashed potatoes, green salad, and even a warm cookie a la mode with cold milk. WARM COOKIES!!! Who wouldn’t want food from this menu! It all sounded delicious! Enough about the food though, I was on a big, grumbly, monster. It had a ‘I just woke up, don’t mess with me’ kind of attitude. There was NO WAY I was going to mess with it.

Suddenly there was a crackling sound all throughout the plane. “GET READY FOR TAKE OFF EVERYONE, AND REMEMBER TO FASTEN YOU SEAT BELT!”. Then to scare me even more, flight attendant people came around. They told us how to put on weird mask things in case the plane were to crash. GREAT like I want to think about that.

Then the plane began to jerk around. Oh, great the big grumbly monster with the bad attitude wants to go up in the air now, wonderful. I CAN’T WAIT!!

“FOLKS WERE GOING TO BE TAKING OFF SHORTLY, SO PLEASE DON’T MOVE ABOUT THE CABIN”. English please, what in the world is a cabin?! No bathroom either during takeoff, oh splendid.

Now the plane was moving towards the runway thingy. Slowly… Slowly…Slowly…Slowly. Gosh how much suspense does this plane have to build! Then after what seemed like forever, that loudspeaker came on. “OK FOLKS TIME FOR TAKEOFF.” Shut UP, PLEASE. Then after sitting on the runway for about ten minutes, the plane jerked onto the runway.  “TAKEOFF!”. Then the plane went zooming down the runway. My fists had a death grip on the seat, a ‘if you let go I might *accidentally* slap you’ grip.

Then the planes front wheels left the ground and I began to cry.


Tears were running down my cheeks and I didn’t intend to stop them. My eyes darted back and forth, trying to find something to lock onto. My teeth were clenched so tight, it felt like they would shatter. My feet were tucked under the seat so not even I could see them. The force of takeoff pushed me back into my seat. The plane went higher and higher until, finally, the ground had disappeared.  The farther we went the more I tensed. Although when the plane had leveled out I began to relax. Eventually I calmed down enough to look out the window, but then shut it quickly in fright.

When I finally got bored (which is quite hard to do on a plane) I watched ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Which IS the most depressing movie in history, and nothing like the book (Sorry to give it away). Not the best thing to watch on a plane.

turns out the movie is what made me cry the most

I drew a couple of pictures, and read a little bit. The HARDEST thing to do on a plane is sleep for me. I’m afraid to sleep on moving vehicles. What if I wake up and I don’t know where I am? What if I wake up and half the people on the plane are missing? I like to know what’s happening, and if there’s something going wrong, put my hand in on fixing them. Thus I will never sleep on any moving object.

I finally started to get drowsy and had to wake myself every couple of minutes. Although I still would NOT sleep. Never would, even if they gave me another warm cookie. After a while of starring at the seat in front of me, I peeked out the window. What I saw was city lights, littering the inky black skies. There were blinking lights, flashing lights, green lights, blue lights, everything you could imagine. What made me shut the window though was the inky thing moving on the ground. It would flash white once and a while, and it moved and swayed. Then I saw it. A bridge was on the horizon. I then knew what the inky black thing was, it was water. The darkest water I have ever seen. It seemed to lash out in an unfriendly manner. Lips curled, it seemed to reach out and snatch at the plane. I slammed the window and pulled a blanket up to my chin. Then I heard a voice.

“WE WILL BE LANDING SHORTLY, BUT BECAUSE OF ONE OF THE PASSENGERS WE WILL NEED A NURSE TO COME AND CHECK HIM BEFORE ANYONE LEAVES THE PLANE”. OHH YEAH, there was a fairly old guy on the plane who had a problem during the flight. I’m not sure but I think he had a stroke.

After a while, I saw it, the runway. It came closer and closer, until finally it met the waters edge. I was looking forward to the landing just as much as the take off.  When the plane started to descend. It made an awful noise. Then the wings made a weird sound. Finally the front wheels touched the ground. Just as before, my teeth were clenched, and my hands had a death grip on the seat. When the plane slowed, the speakers came on again. “THANK YOU FOR FLYING AMERICAN AIR LINES, AS WE SAID BEFORE, ONE OF OUR PASSENGERS, IS IN NEED OF A NURSE, SO THE NURSES WILL COME AND CHECK HIM, WHILE WE WAIT. THANKS.” We waited and waited yada-yada-yada. Then we got off the plane and there I was in San Francisco. That was my experience with flying. Not as bad as I imagined, but ok. It really was a big step of smashing my fear into dust though.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Doug Tilden for helping me through my fear!! U rock! (Doug took us on vacation as a Christmas present and to help me get over my fear.)

I am actually smiling in this picture, and I still had to get on the airplane to go home!

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  • olive a keller says:

    I think we have another author in the famiily. I am also fearful of flying even thoughIhave flown a lot. The descriptions were hilarious and right on the money,in other words you nailed it. I will be thinking of you and missing you. Even thiugh we don’t see each very much you will be so far away.Love you and will be following your progress. Love you lots and lots. grandma Ollie

  • Amanda says:

    I’m sorry you have the fear of flight o.o
    Hopes your travels shall be fun.
    5 starts and all. I’m gonna have to draw you a picture.
    Stay adorable :3
    I miss youu
    Love, Mankinz

  • Meagan's Aunt Lori says:

    You’ve been through quite a bit of sky already. Are you overcoming your fear and learning to appreciate wide open spaces trapped in angry metal monsters? Keep blogging, Bella. You are quite the writer!

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