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1)      find out how we can best help people in need around the world

2)      connect people who can help with those in need – via the web and by partnering with other organizations

3)      help people learn about global issues such as poverty, hunger, lack of education, disease, etc by sharing pictures, videos and other information about individuals who face these challenges in their day-to-day lives

4)      increase cultural understanding and awareness – people share many of the same dreams and challenges – regardless of where they live, how much money they have, or the policy decisions of their government

5)      show teens – especially those at risk of dropping out of school – that they are powerful and can make a difference in the world –  give them the sense of purpose and confidence that can help them tackle challenges in their own lives

6)      create easy ways for people to get involved – earning money for our projects just by visiting out website, or by donating funds, sponsoring a particular project or even helping to decide how best to use funds in a particular area

7)      spend time with my own children, helping them learn about the world and experience new things

8)      inspire others to spend some time traveling – it can be done far cheaper than one might think and many businesses will approve a leave of absence for this kind of experience

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Posted on: February 6, 2010 | Categories: Getting Ready for Our Trip, Pre-Departure Thoughts, Why We Are Doing This


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  • Emily Dwight says:

    Dear Teresa,
    I commented on one of your articles and it disappeared! – talk about not knowing websites/blogs! In all the years that we have been friends, 10 has it been?, you never cease to amaze me with your love, compassion and emerging wisdom. The light you shine is one I always love to be near. Throughout your travels, I will be thinking of you, sending positive vibes and prayers to you and yours… you go girl!! I love you. Emily

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