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Time is quickly running out before we depart for Russia.  The days, hectic and not nearly long enough, seem to all blend together.  We’ve been so busy lately, but it seems like there’s still so much to do!  One of my tasks has been to look up hostels and book them online.

It seems simple enough.  However, more goes into booking a hostel than you might think.  I certainly didn’t expect it to take much effort.  But there are a lot of different aspects you have to look at when picking a hostel.

The first matter of business, and probably the most obvious concern, is price.  We’re on a very low budget and are trying to get through Europe as cheaply (and as quickly) as possible.  That, however, is no easy task.  Decent hostels in tourist hotspots are pricey at best.

Another thing we look at when picking a hostel is location.  We don’t have much time in Europe and we don’t want to waste a lot of time traveling from the hostels to tourist attractions.  We also want to stay in safe parts of town.  Fortunately, the websites we are booking our hostels through provide ratings on each hostel for certain criteria, and location is one of them.

The hostel-booking websites also rate the hostels based on how “fun” they are.  In our opinion, the lower the fun rating is, the better off we are.  There are a lot of hostels in Europe that are party houses- with lots of drinking, drugs, etc.  Overall, the more “fun” the hostels are the less family friendly they are.

Finding a hostel that will accomadate us all is another issue.  We may find one that fits all our other needs, but only offers rooms with 4 beds per room, and/or the rooms are separated by gender.  We need rooms that are big enough for all  5 of us to sleep in, with mixed genders so that we can all sleep in the same room.  That in itself can be a challenge.

Once all the other stuff is taken care of, there’s a few more things we like to look at.  Free internet is a big plus, since we’ll need to be posting quite often.  Internet is also how I will be communicating with my family and friends, so access to the internet is important!  Free breakfast is also a nice touch, since we will be living on a $10 per person per day food budget!

All in all, finding the right hostel is quite the process.  I’ve booked ones in Paris and Brussels, and I’m looking for one in Amsterdam right now. There’s still a lot to be done though!

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Posted on: July 28, 2010 | Categories: Getting Ready for Our Trip, Pre-Departure Thoughts



  • Annette says:

    Good luck on your hostel bookings….some of the ones that we saw in Europe were great..others were lacking….I hope that you find great ones!

  • Aunt Lori says:

    Have a safe flight!

  • Aunt Lori says:

    Hope you were able to book those hostels! I pray you all are not camped out on park benches. Maybe you should have packed a tent! Love you.

  • Teresa Teresa says:

    Right now we are at the nicest hostel yet – thanks to Meagan for picking it out! It is in a great area, convenient to the metro with free breakfast. Best of all, the 101 steps up to our room are like a free workout every day. Having fun in Paris – got our car rental to drive across Europe and looking forwrd to strarting to volunteer and visit the projects we are raising funds for.

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