Exploring New York City and dinner at Planet Hollywood

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We had a great time in NYC.

Alex explored snacks for his blog – “dirty water hotdogs” and roasted nuts from street vendors.

We replaced many of Bella’s travel clothes that she had set neatly aside in a bin that was mistaken for one going into storage.  Think of the nice travel shorts, etc she will have when we return!

Dinner at Planet Hollywood with Becky, Jonathan and his daughters Jennifer and Rachel who are so much fin to be with!

Shopping for misc electronics that we were missing for the trip.

Smoothies for lunch from Mrs. Fields – yum!

An appearance on CNN (see other post – clip coming soon for the website) and it will be on the CNN website in a week or so.

NYC deli food is great – there is such a variety of foods available to grab and go and so many great little restaurants in NYC.

We went to M&M world and were astounded at the number of people in the store (it was so crowded!!) who were buying M&M’s at $13 per pound.  Luckily, we were not tempted to buy anything as we already know there is too much in our backpacks.  Spending a significant amount of time trying to figure out what we can ditch.

Meagan had a somewhat more relaxing day with her mom and family at Central Park.

Went to the airport with what we thought was plenty of time – but the check in at the Ukrainian airline we chose (tickets to Moscow were about $500) took way longer than we are used to.

Then we waved a tearful good bye to Becky and family and headed off on our 15 hour trip to Moscow.

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