Top Ten Water Skiing ‘Do Not’s’

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Dubai, my friends, is a really cool city. It’s got EVERYTHING you could imagine. Above all though, it’s got WATERSPORTS!!! Wake boarding, water skiing, triple tubing, wind surfing, what more could a child dream up? Well, my personal favorite is Water skiing, it’s easy, and there’s not much to worry about.

I learned to Water Ski at my grandparents house. They live on Orange Lake in New York. My grandpa is an expert skier and is one of the top in the state for his age range. He taught me both to ski and water ski. The day I learned to ski, it took me many, many tries. I think it has a lot to do with muscle memory. The first couple hours I got nowhere except back into the water. I fell to many times to count and many were quite painful. One time, the front of my ski’s crossed, which caused me to rocket up into the air, and then plummet back into the water. Another time I got halfway up, and then tipped. This all seems normal, except for the fact that I didn’t let go of the rope, so I was skipping across the water, gulping down buckets of the stuff. Yet another time, I got up, but then did a split, and crashed back in.

After quite a while of mishaps, Grandma Kathleen said lunch was ready, so we went in. After lunch I asked if I could try again, and in return I got a maybe. Although, me, little determined Bella, refused to give up. After a couple hours I got to try. The first couple times I fell, and I was starting to think I’d never get it. Then, the boat started to go, and I somehow managed to pull myself up. At first, it was really heavy, until the water came out of my lifejacket. I sped across the water, but I stood as still as possible, for fear I’d fall back in.

After quite a while of this, grandpa got bored and told me to go over the wake. I, of course shook my head rapidly. Grandpa asked me again, I shook my head again. This went on for a while, and finally grandpa shrugged, and made a big arch that turned toward the house. I assumed we were going back to the house, so I relaxed thinking I had one. If it’s a fight between me and Grandpa, Grandpa’s gonna win. Once we hit the center of the arch, Grandpa sped up, and turned sharply so we were heading I a line parallel from our other track. I wasn’t expecting this, so I was launched over the wake because of our turn.

Grandpa -1, Bella-0

I somehow managed to stay above water, and I discovered that outside the wake was actually easier to move then on the inside. The surface was like glass and I sliced across the top easily. I remember looking down and seeing my reflection rippling and squirming on the surface. I decided to get as far away from the boat as possible, and launch myself over the wake as fast as possible. Once I hit the wake, one of my skis got caught and I went flying into the air. Te last thing I saw was  my mirrored image inches from my face.  Then, of course, I hit the water.

When the boat came around, the first thing I said was “Can I go again?” the answer was no, and that I could go again tomorrow. I got better and better, and eventually, I could drop a ski. Unfortunately I seem to have lost that ability entirely. Every time I try now, I end up skidding back and forth and I get launched off. Anyway, I’m much better than I was originally and I can jump the wake and all this crazy stuff. Still, I have a lot to learn if I want to claim I can water ski fairly well.

Anyway, I made a list of my “Water Skiing ‘Do Not’s’”… ENJOY!!

Top Ten “Do Not’s” on Water Skiing:

1.  DO NOT try to ‘pizza’ or ‘plow’ stop. You will viciously be attacked by your enemy… WATER

2.  DO NOT go outside the wake when your boat does a donut. This will result with HUGE waves, and you WILL be, again, attacked by your IMMORTAL ENEMY… water.

3.  DO NOT shout ‘STOP!’ at the top of your lungs, this will result in confusion, and later be confirmed ‘FASTER??’, do you REALLY want that?

4.  DO NOT make the ‘whip me’ sign unless you are willing to take the chance of being constipated for the next couple hours

5.  DO NOT try to fall forwards, BAD idea. This will result with a ski slamming into your knee, and quite possibly your face.

6.  DO NOT let your IMAGINATION lead you to believe that there is a make believe shark behind you. In case there IS in fact a shark behind you, scream madly, and if you fall, jam your skis into its mouth.

7.  DO NOT keep holding onto the rope after you fall, Water, your enemy, will see this as an opportunity to drown you.

8.   DO NOT show weakness to water, even after you’ve stopped skiing. Water will continue plotting against you, even in the privacy of your own home!

9.  Let water know who’s boss, when you fall down, you have to get RIGHT BACK UP!! Or water will count it as a weakness

10. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCES ALLOW YOURSELF TO NOT LIKE WATER SKIING, I will personally come and stare you down until you admit to it being fun!!

11. WHAAAAAT???!!! There IS no 11, don’t you remember me saying TOP 10???

Love you Grandpa! Love you Grandma!

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Posted on: January 22, 2011 | Categories: entertainment, Games Kids Play, recreation, Sports, Water



  • Grandpa keller says:

    Bella 1 Grandpa 0
    Nice blog. The problem regarding skiing on one ski may have been the skies. I seem to remember you taking a lot less tries to get up. Glad you are having such a good time.
    Grandpa Keller

  • kathleen keller says:

    Hello Bella,
    Really enjoyed reading your skiing blog. You are a very talented lady,so proud of you.!
    Love Grandma.

  • Faith Wilson says:

    Very funny Bella, I laughed a bunch of times at the top 10 (not 11) “Do Not’s” on water skiing. miss you !!!!!!

    P.S. you might just have to come back here and stare me down (I won’t win of course.)
    because I am not convinced! :)

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