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Many people think that online games are simply a form of recreation, but they can also provide opportunities for learning in an engaging form. Many children would complain about having to learn about world issues in a traditional way, claiming that the subject bores them. By using games to teach these topics, it is possible to both educate and entertain.

One world issue of critical importance today is the world’s use of oil. For many adults it is hard to get a grip on such a complicated topic, not to mention the difficulties a younger person may have when studying it. However, there is a game that is certain to get kids interested in the ins and outs of this debate- Oiligarchy, created by Italian game producer Molleindustria. This is by no means an objective game- the liberal bias is more than clear. But despite its political slant, the value of the game at getting those who play it to think about the economic, political, environmental, and human rights issues is undeniable.

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Posted on: October 4, 2010 | Categories: Environment, Games Kids Play, Global Issues, USA


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