The Tale of a Goat a Girl and the Two-Legs

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The beginning…  

I’m gonna tell you something, and you have to listen with your eyes. OK! Well once upon a time there was a little girl named Bella. Bella was visiting a Village called Nyumbani in Kenya. This Village was working towards self-sustainability and had to use everything they could in order not to waste anything. The Village grew everything they ate except for rice and sugar.

Animal loving fools rock! 

Bella was a animal loving fool and made friends with the goats and cows there. ( she doesn’t like chickens because she thinks there scary and look like dinosaurs).

Don’t make friends with strange goats animal loving fools, it’s NEVER a good Idea!!

One day there was a man and he brought a goat to where Bella and all the other volunteers were staying. Bella went right up to the goat and started petting it while the man walked off. She coaxed it until it was comfortable enough to let her pet him. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the man returning with a friend, not wanting to be seen petting their goat, she went back to her table.

She recognized the man’s friend and realized that he was Senator; the cook. He held two shiny things in his hand, and when he got closer she realized that they were blades. Her eyes got wide and her mouth hung open. She was told to go inside, so she bolted through the doors. She paced the floor of her room, as she heard the goat cry for help. The knife probably sunk into the neck first in order for the kill to be quick and efficient. After cutting off oxygen, the knife would probably go for the life line in all mammals; the jugular vein . Bella herd the goats gurgled scream as blood filled his throat. After that the goat would probably lay twitching on the ground , dead. The blood slowly draining from his body and onto the ground, the warmth slowly seeping out of him. This was all for a man who was very important in the village, moving on and leaving. The goat was to be food at the going away party. Senator cut him up, and brought him into the kitchen to be prepared for the meal. The only thing that happened that Bella witnessed was the goats scream, which is still ringing in her head to this day. That night when the goat was being served, Bella locked herself in her room and refused to come out. While music blasted and people danced around the fire, Bella sat cross legged on her bed, eyes closed, the only thing that she heard was the goats final scream as he lay motionless on the ground.

This is the end of the girls story, but there’s more to this tale than you think, reader. This is the goats story…

On one normal day Saleme woke up with all his friends, and pranced around until he was called out to pasture. He was a fair looking goat, with a couple of big black and brown blotches on his left side. He had some small spots on his face, and he was nothing special in the goat society. The male leader named Sorcal had just called him over. Sorcal told him that the two-legged had called on him, and he must leave at once. Saleme was scared, anytime a two-legged called on one of them when they were out at pasture, they never returned. He said good-bye to his wife and friends, and was dragged away by a mean looking two-legs. The captor took Saleme on a long walk around the village, which Saleme thought of as un-concord territory. He was seeing things that no goat had ever lived to tell. His death sentence was being confirmed before his eyes. After six hours of walking, Saleme was tiring and was practically being dragged along by the two-legs. They reached a big house and Saleme was tied to a tree, and left there. After a while a small female two-legs approached him. She was coaxing him two her. He was reluctant because after six hours of walking, he didn’t really trust the race of two-legs. After about ten minutes of this, the female took one step towards him, and touched his head. He didn’t stir, but instead let her pet him. A thought raced through little Saleme’s head; maybe he wasn’t going to die, maybe he was just going to belong to the little female two-legs. This made him content and at ease. He relaxed and stepped closer to the two-legs. Then the female jumped up with a start, and fled to one of the tables. Another female two-legs yelled something and the little two-legs ran inside. From there he saw the mean dragger two-legs approaching. Saleme fled backwards, but then remember the rope around his neck, and froze. The other two-legs next to the dragger two-legs, had two shiny objects that meant death in his kingdom. He screamed for the little two legs, who was peeping out the window. She disappeared as soon as the cold shiny thing hit his throat, he screamed, but just as soon as he did, a warm metal tasting substance hit his throat. It flooded out his neck, mouth, and nose. He felt dizzy, and couldn’t see straight. He vaguely felt hitting the ground, and the sharp stabbing pains throughout the rest of his body.

After death…

Everything went black, and he was floating. He saw stars all around him, and a big white light that hurt his eyes. He got closer and closer until, after years of floating, he reached it. His body burned, and he felt as if he was on fire. Then a soothing light passed through him, and he was born again. In fact, he was born again as a tiger, quite the opposite of a goat. At least, a tiger uses all it can out of the thing it has killed, instead, of just the meat. This tiger, is weary of man, and will NEVER trust one, as long as it lives.

This my friends, is the story of a goat, a girl, and a two-legs. The goat was made strong, and so was the man. The man though, only had temporary strength. The girl became weak, the thought of making friends with a goat, letting him trust man, sickened her. She realized that she should’ve run to the goat, untied him, and set him free. I hope that the tiger lives a long and man free life as long as she lives. The girl to grow strong and overcome her weakness, and the man to realize that strength does not come from hurt, it comes from love. This, is the end of my story.

(If you want to see what REALLY happened, the goat slaughter video is on the website I think. Look under my mom’s blogs, and you’ll probably find it. It’s gory, so if you get sick easy, I wouldn’t recommend it. Also, to the animal lovers, I highly recommend NOT watching it. )


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Posted on: November 21, 2010 | Categories: Environment, Exotic Animals, Kenya, recreation, sustainability



  • Maurizio Gagliardo says:

    I’m sorry it bothered you so.. But you were abel to tell a great story from your life experience.. You have so much writing talent.I’m very proud of you.. Love you and miss you your Daddy..

  • Mrs. Murphy says:

    Hi Bella,
    I’ve read a few pieces that you’ve written about Pompeii/Rome and now your goat story. I would’ve found it upsetting as well. I have a fairly similar pig story, though I know you are a far greater animal-lover. You have written a beautiful myth about the goat-tiger reincarnation, and I wonder if the Two-legs, sustained by the goat, was able to go on to touch other lives BECAUSE of the goat’s sacrifice. I think you are incredibly brave and talented. Be well!

  • David Manglass says:

    Excellent Bella!! An A+ paper! Well done.

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