10 Great Wall of China facts

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10 Great Wall of China facts

  1. Parts of the wall are up to 25.6 ft high and as wide as 16.4 ft.
  2. Building materials used were stone, brick, tiles, lime, rammed earth and wood
  3. The Great wall has suffered damage ranging from Bricks being taking for houses, graffiti , vandalism and parts of the wall have been destroyed because they were in the way of construction.
  4. Some parts of the great wall have a silver color that’s because of the high level of metal in it.
  5. You can’t see the Great wall form Space without having an aided eye.
  6. The Great wall has steep ramps and steps.
  7. The Great wall has been built and rebuilt over the years.
  8. The Great wall dates back to the 7 century BC.
  9. The Great wall has not stopped an invasion .
  10. Over one million died building the Great wall.
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