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Round the World with Us is a funder and facilitator for organizations who are dedicated to the empowerment of youth.  We fund innovative projects and connect some of the most effective youth organizations in the country, bridge their skill sets, and develop new tools for global engagement. Together with our partners, we create a highly potent space for youth to confront the world’s most pressing problems.


We vet organizations, connect those who are highly effective, and enhance organizations’ unique capacity to achieve mutual goals.  We help launch projects at our partner charities that educate, train, and support youth in becoming global change makers.


We make an impact on global issues by collaborating with others to empower youth and communities to create sustainable solutions to their most pressing problems.

Impact areas include:

1. Health

2. Gender Equity

3. Education Opportunities / ESL

4. Community Development

5. Economic Opportunities

6. Environment / Climate Change


Children International

World Savvy


Room to Read

Tierra y Ser

American Schools for Cambodia

Land for Tiller’s Freedom (LAFTI)


RTW with Us was founded by Doug Tilden and Teresa Keller, who wanted to use their combined experience in non-profit management and international business development to make a difference in the world. They spent two years researching charities for those who were the most effective and community driven. Then they selected ten charities, raised awareness and money for their projects and traveled to each of them to see their impact first hand. The most powerful programs they saw all included a high quality youth empowerment programs. They decided to leverage the knowledge they acquired to help organizations become more effective, and to facilitate synergistic partnerships between organizations.

We are a 501(c)3 charity – all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law in the US.


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